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GUE in South Florida

GUE offers a holistic approach to dive training, integrating education, conservation, exploration, community, and a lot of fun! We invite you to explore the links below and learn more about becoming involved with us!

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Fundamentals Course helps divers build a solid foundation of skills and knowledge that enables them to pursue their underwater passion. Ultimately this equals: More efficiency, safety and fun while diving at both recreational and technical levels!!! Regardless of your current skill level, new divers and those with many years of experience are sure to improve their diving through this comprehensive course.

Doubles Primer

Whether you’re interested in increasing your gas reserves or you’re intrigued by technical diving, our Doubles Primer course allows single tank divers a safe and efficient path to diving double tanks. We’ll cover everything you need to know in order to safely dive doubles in a recreational diving environment, and provide the basics needed for technical or cave training.

Drysuit Primer

Some of the most spectacular dives in the world are submerged below waters too cold to enjoy without a drysuit. The Drysuit Primer will give you the skills needed to explore in comfort regardless of the water temperature, while refining the skills you developed during your Fundamentals course.

Private Training

Regardless of your skill level or previous experience, private and semi-private training days can be arranged to help you achieve your diving goals. We’ll work together to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

grouper today

The Ana Cecilia: West Palm Beaches’ Newest Artificial Reef

Totally in love with our dive from yesterday, good vis, wicked current and a brand new multi-level, 170 ft long wreck (artificial reef)!   The Ana Cecilia was seized in 2015 with nearly 10 million dollars worth of cocaine on board.  Rather than let the aging cargo ship potentially fall back into…


Grand Cayman Island: Barrel Sponge Spawning

We are scooting along  through mind-bending incredible, clear Sapphire-blue water today, while ascending to about 120ft, I notice this smoke-like plume pouring up into the water column from the wall. At first I wonder if it’s some sort of geothermic vent? So we head over to investigate — Not a vent…

Kornahrens Reef

Deep Water Lionfish: Kornahren’s Reef

Please scroll down to watch – Kornahren’s Reef Video. While skimming through a list of artificial reef sites in Broward County, Kornahren’s Reef caught my eye.  Very rarely dove, it’s an artificial reef with an interesting history, submerged in about 130-150 feet of water.  Building the intrigue, we chanced upon some…