Deep Water Lionfish: Kornahren’s Reef

Kornahrens Reef

Please scroll down to watch – Kornahren’s Reef Video.

While skimming through a list of artificial reef sites in Broward County, Kornahren’s Reef caught my eye.  Very rarely dove, it’s an artificial reef with an interesting history, submerged in about 130-150 feet of water.  Building the intrigue, we chanced upon some archive video footage of the site taken 23 years ago.  Hard to contain our curiosity, it was time to plan an exploration dive to see how things have changed over time.

Side by side, our team of three descended down through 140 feet of beautiful blue Florida water to find, several piles of the WWII submarine netting.   We scooted along on our DPV’s but did not find a thriving reef covered with schools of tropical fish.  Unlike our hopeful vision, the reef was largely barren.  Much of fish population captured on video in 1993, seems to have disappeared over the last several decades. What could have caused this?

Perhaps the thriving population of Lionfish offer a clue? On our local recreational diving depth reefs/wrecks, Lionfish populations have decreased, largely thanks to the efforts of many committed recreational divers.  There are fewer South Florida divers certified to venture to technical depths, and only a portion of these divers hunt Lionfish at our deeper dive sites.

Dive sites beyond the range of the recreational Lionfish hunter potentially offer nurseries for the invasive fish to multiple, largely unchecked.   This is particularly true at much less frequented sites such as Kornahren’s Reef.

Stay tuned!  We will return to Kornahren’s Reef soon for further exploration!



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