Fundies Prerequisites

It’s not a surprise that our standards are high. Our goal is to train safe and capable divers.  Prior to enrolling in class, please carefully review the requirements  for Fundamentals listed below.  Just contact your instructor if you have any questions.

Prerequisites for Fundamentals Class

  1. Please create a profile on  Complete and submit the completed registration form, a medical history, and a liability release.
  2. Divers must be physically and mentally fit.
  3. Divers will hold current insurance to cover diving emergencies such as hyperbaric treatment, e.g. DAN Master-level insurance or equivalent.
  4.  Nonsmoker.
  5. It is necessary to obtain a physician’s prior written authorization for the use of prescription drugs, except for birth control, or for any prior medical condition that may pose a risk while diving.
  6. Divers must be at least 16 years of age.
  7. Please either hold a GUE Rec 1 diver or an open water diver certification from a recognized training agency.
  8. Divers must be able to swim 300 yards continuously in less than 14 minutes without stopping and complete a 50 foot underwater breath held swim while submerged.

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Basic Equipment