About Kathy

My passion for the underwater world started as a kid in the mid-1970s. For many years my family and I explored the Florida reefs with nothing more than a snorkel and a mask. gue headshotAfter a 12-year career as a sponsored technical rock climber, I earned my Open Water certification in Bali Indonesia in 2006 and my love for the aquatic world was immediately reawakened.

A few years later, in 2009, I was first introduced to Global Underwater Explorers and joined a thriving community of  highly skilled divers. I spent several years with the Bay Area Underwater Explorers (BAUE) enjoying the beautiful kelp forests of Monterey, California and completing GUE Fundamentals and GUE Caver Diver 2 courses. Although the BAUE community is an incredible group, I ultimately made the decision to move back to Florida to be closer to my family and the cave systems of North Florida and Mexico.  During this time I completed GUE Cave Diver 2, Technical Diver 1 and GUE DPV courses.

Unfortunately, when I arrived back home in South Florida there was only a small and fragmented GUE community. In the hopes of bringing the community together, I co-founded Florida Underwater Explorers (FLUE) in 2012, and have continued to support our GUE community since its’ inception. For years I offered my time to mentor GUE divers and help them achieve their goals and dreams; however, eventually it became clear that best way to grow the community was to become a GUE instructor.  I am extremely active in both our local and global communities, diving weekly, and participating in environmental initiatives such as Project Baseline as well as other open water and cave projects.

In my professional life, I’m a full time science teacher. This affords me the opportunity to impart my love of the natural world to the next generation of divers. In addition to my work with students, I completed my Master’s Degree in 2016 with a focus on the human impact to tropical reefs and conservation.

Most weekends and holidays are spent diving with our local community, teaching GUE classes and enjoying Florida and Mexico caves.  A 20 ft Blue Heron Bridge critter dive or a 70ft reef dive in Jupiter can be just as enjoyable to me as a multi-stage 3 hour cave dive or a 170ft deep Trimix technical dive.